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Use CJK in Flutter

Flutter is a popular cross-platform development framework. However, its CJK support looks not so good, CJK characters cannot display correctly in some platforms (e.g. Linux). This article is to explain how to solve the CJK display problem.

Differences between `function`, `method` & `procedure`

In Java, we may often listen method, but in C, we always call such things function. So what’s the differece?

Why Java’s main() is `public static void`

As we know, in Java’s Console Programme, its entrance method main() or main(String[] args)’s attribute is always public static void. It seems is a custom, but why? Is it neccessary?

Native Data Types of Java

Data Type Size Range byte 8 bit -128~127 short 16 bit -32768~32767 int 32 bit -2^31~2^31-1 long 64 bit -2^63-2^63-1 float 32 bit 3.4E-45~1.4E38 double 64 bit 4.9E-324~1.8E308 boolean 8 bit true/false char 16 bit Unicode