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DoH/DoT in China

What’s DoH/DoT? DoH, Dns over Https. DoT, Dns over Tcp. Coz that traditional DNS request is easy to rush to be answered, so it’s neccessary to apply DoH/DoT to the system. DoH/DoT list Coz that China has its own special network environment, so this post is to collect avaliable DoH/DoT service in China. Address Provider […]

Native Data Types of Java

Data Type Size Range byte 8 bit -128~127 short 16 bit -32768~32767 int 32 bit -2^31~2^31-1 long 64 bit -2^63-2^63-1 float 32 bit 3.4E-45~1.4E38 double 64 bit 4.9E-324~1.8E308 boolean 8 bit true/false char 16 bit Unicode

Blog Theme

After searching and comparing varieties of themes, finally, a minimum theme attracted my attention. Sandbox, that is also now the theme I use. I found it at and it was out of repair and cannot work well with PHP 7.4 and WordPress 5 (the theme lastest updated in 2009). But I extremely love the […]

Hello World!

This is my first post! Just for test! 😀