My thoughts on politics

In fact, I have a very easy political outlook. In my perception, I believe that I am Chinese, and China is my homeland. As long as there is a day when my nationality is Chinese, then I will always support China. But this does not mean that I will support it mindlessly. I believe that in supporting it, we must also find out the truth and its correctness. In other words, my support is based on my approval of the act, and I will also hold a feedback with reservations or opposition to events that I doubt or deny.

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Use CJK in Flutter

Flutter is a popular cross-platform development framework. However, its CJK support looks not so good, CJK characters cannot display correctly in some platforms (e.g. Linux). This article is to explain how to solve the CJK display problem.

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Differences between `function`, `method` & `procedure`

In Java, we may often listen method, but in C, we always call such things function. So what's the differece?

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Why Java’s main() is `public static void`

As we know, in Java's Console Programme, its entrance method main() or main(String[] args)'s attribute is always public static void. It seems is a custom, but why? Is it neccessary?

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DoH/DoT in China

What's DoH/DoT?

DoH, Dns over Https. DoT, Dns over Tcp. Coz that traditional DNS request is easy to rush to be answered, so it's neccessary to apply DoH/DoT to the system.

DoH/DoT list

Coz that China has its own special network environment, so this post is to collect avaliable DoH/DoT service in China.

Address Provider Service Country/Region Alibaba DoT/DoH China Alibaba DoT/DoH China Alibaba DoT/DoH China Qihoo DoH China

Native Data Types of Java

Data Type Size Range
byte 8 bit -128~127
short 16 bit -32768~32767
int 32 bit -2^31~2^31-1
long 64 bit -2^63-2^63-1
float 32 bit 3.4E-45~1.4E38
double 64 bit 4.9E-324~1.8E308
boolean 8 bit true/false
char 16 bit Unicode

Blog Theme

After searching and comparing varieties of themes, finally, a minimum theme attracted my attention. Sandbox, that is also now the theme I use. I found it at and it was out of repair and cannot work well with PHP 7.4 and WordPress 5 (the theme lastest updated in 2009). But I extremely love the style and agree with the spirit of this theme. Therefore, I decided to fix it.

Here is the link of repository where I storage what I edit. Now, the new repository is licensed under GPLv3, next version of GPLv2. And on the same time, I hope that in someday, I can make it perfect.

Hello World!

This is my first post! Just for test! 😀